Fire Alarm Installation Aberdeen

accordianslide2Who we are

We are a specialist company who offer a fire alarm installation to customers in and around Aberdeen. We have been providing this service for a number of years now, making us experts in this area of expertise. With this experience and our knowledge in fire alarm installation we are able to install fire alarms to a high standard.

Our team

Each member of our team has been trained in fire alarm installation and they also have years experience in carrying out this service for customers in Aberdeen, so you can be confident that it’s professionals who will be turning up at your home/commercial property.

Our team understand the importance of good customer service, this means that you can expect them to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

Our installation

We are able to install a fire alarm that you’ve already bought or we can supply you with one and install it, whatever you prefer.

Our prices

We believe in charging customers in Aberdeen a price that is affordable, meaning that our fire alarm installation is decently priced. Prior to any fire alarm installation we will give you a free quote, this way you will know what the cost of our service is before we arrange to get started.

Contact us

To arrange for a fire alarm installation to be carried out or to get a free quote from us simply contact us. All you have to do is fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we are available.




Install CCTV Aberdeen


Do you want to install CCTV at your home or commercial property in Aberdeen? If so you should come and take a look at what we can offer, we have been providing and installing CCTV systems for a number of years now and have gained a reputation as one of the leading companies that offers this service.

Supplied and installed or just installation

We are able to offer an alarm that suits everyone’s budget or if you already have the alarm bought and you just need someone to install the CCTV then we can do that for you.

Our team

When we install CCTV at properties in Aberdeen we only provide members of staff who have years experience in installing CCTV systems, this allows us to offer a service that is second to none. You can expect the member(s) of staff that turn up at your property to take attention to detail when installing your CCTV, they also aim to provide a service that offers 100% customer satisfaction so they will give you advice if you need it.

Our prices

Our CCTV installation is affordable, so the service isn’t extortionate. Before we arrange to get started we will give you a free quote too, this way you know what the cost is of our service.

Contact us

If you would like us to install CCTV at your home/commercial property in Aberdeen then just contact us today. You can do so either by giving us a call on 01224 326386/01224 432452 or by filling out our contact form.



Home CCTV Systems Aberdeen

slide5In our experience CCTV systems have proven to be an effective deterrent to crime. Customers in Aberdeen who have had a CCTV system installed at their home often tell us that their system has provided the following benefits:

  • An increased deterrent – This is because once thieves realise that your home is protected by a closed circuit television system they will choose to go elsewhere.
  • Increased detection – It has been found that the prosecution rates for homeowners in Aberdeen using CCTV is several times higher than what it is for those who don’t have home CCTV systems. This is beneficial because it means that if you do get broke into then there is still a strong chance of both detection and conviction.
  • Remote monitoring – There are home CCTV systems that can be viewed and controlled remotely over the internet via a phone or laptop.


We are able to install home CCTV systems for people who live in Aberdeen so if you live in this area and you’re interested in having a CCTV system installed then you should come to us. We have years experience in installing home CCTV systems, making us professionals in this field.

The home CCTV systems that we can offer plus our installation service is affordable so you don’t have to worry about it costing you more than what you can afford. We’ll also discuss the cost of the service and the system beforehand so you know what to expect in terms of the cost for both.

For additional information please contact our team by giving us a call on 01224 326386/01224 432452 or 07809889030 from your mobile.